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Before visiting Bacalar, read the "Good Practice Guide" #preserveparadise

The Magical Town of Bacalar offers visitors a magical experience thanks to its natural riches: a lagoon of 7 colors, cenotes, stromatolites and an enriched fauna and flora. This ecosystem represents a natural heritage that we seek to respect and protect.

When we talk about Bacalar we also talk about us; the locals who live here and who every day make small gestures to help preserve this paradise. But Bacalar is also you, traveler, tourist for a week or visitor for a day. You are also part of Bacalar! So your actions count, and a lot. We need responsible tourists, committed to the care of the places they visit. Because we all deserve to live and know healthy places, with clean water and fresh air, but for this, we must also be aware of the importance of their care and fragility.

For this, I invite you to inform yourself and apply the Guide of Good Practices of Bacalar which helps us to preserve this paradise.

Thank you for considering it ! 😉



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