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Places to eat like a local in Bacalar 😎

We know that sometimes it is difficult to find authentic local food when you travel somewhere (since these businesses usually do not advertise, nor are they on social media), so we present you some options of places that will surprise you with their seasoning and VERY prices accessible in Bacalar. Do not miss them!

It has become the favorite of many when choosing a place to dine as it is a taqueria that offers a wide variety of tacos including vegetarian options, without leaving aside the classic gringas, quesadillas and even enfrijoladas. Our recommendation It is the shepherd's cake and the melted cheese, a true delight. Ubicación calle 18 entre 7 y 9.

This taqueria has been in operation for more than 30 years. Known by every local, and loved by many. Their sopes, tacos, empanadas, roast beef orders at a super price. Try not to arrive hungry since it is always full and they are in high demand. Unlike the other taquerías, this one opens its doors very early, so you can find lunches and meals. They have sopes, enchiladas, quesadillas and tacos. Their specialty is carne de asada. Ubicación calle 7 entre 18 y 20.

It is one of the places with the greatest history in Bacalar, it opens its doors only in the mornings and offers breakfasts that range from eggs to taste to typical dishes of the cuisine of Orizaba Veracruz. Ubicación calle 7 entre 24 y 26.

The best chilaquiles in Bacalar are found in Tortichil. Attended by its owner Laura, offering a pleasant attention, you will feel at home. Our recommendation is the red chilaquiles with chicken, but be careful because they are spicy! Ubicados en la calle 10 entre Av. 3 y Av. 5.

A classic in Bacalar. This taquería offers delicious stew tacos, among them you will find: pork rinds in green sauce, entomatado, chicken with mole, rajas with cream and so on... they are all served on a bed of homemade red rice, you have to try them! Ubicados en calle 20 con 3 y 5

Enjoy these options and support local businesses in your visit to Bacalar.

Don't forget to find out about the Guía de Buenas Prácticas de Bacalar, and try to be a responsible tourist. Help us preserve our home and this beautiful paradise.


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