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Top of the most delicius and original restaurants in Bacalar 😍

comida desayuno enamora bacalar restaurantes
Breakfast at Enamora Bacalar

When you visit a place to vacation, it is very useful to have references of the restaurants and must-see places, either for their gastronomic offer, cocktails, originality in the menu, etc. That is why we present you a list of the places that we consider to be a must in your visit to Bacalar, Mexico.

To starting the day: 👌😋

1. El Manatí Bacalar

They have vegan options, smoothies, juices and chilaquiles, the ones with mole are super delicius! In addition, in their dishes you will find many local ingredients but with a very original finish. They also have a beautiful garden, live music, an art gallery and a handicraft shop. One of the most interesting and original places in Bacalar, definitely.

Instagram: @elmanatibacalar

2. Enamora.

Our recommendation is the Nordic Eggs or the Chilaquiles with Shrimp, but if what you want is something more traditional, the Caribbean Sandwich will leave you speechless. A vegan recommendation is the Drowned Flautas stuffed with plantain, a true delight! We love this place between Mexican, Swiss and international mix. They also support fair trade and circular economy. The atmosphere is very nice and peaceful.

Instagram: @enamorabacalar

3. Zana Sana.

It is the only place with cold pressed juices, this technology helps keep the nutrients in fruits and vegetables intact so that the body uses them in the best way, in addition to juices there are quiche and salty bagels, you will not know what to order from the menu with so many delicacies!

Instagram: @zanasanajuicebar

4. Madre Masa.

French-style pastries of the highest quality in this place where you can choose from a traditional croissant to a delicious cinnamon roll with walnuts, there are breakfast options such as chilaquiles or pulled pork chapata, be sure to visit them!

Meals and lunches😉:

1. Mi burrito Bacalar.

This is by far Bacalar's favorite burrito. They offer different options, from vegetarian to shrimp, chorizo ​​(my favorite), or egg. If the flour tortilla is not your thing, they also offer the Bowl Burrito. Accompany it with your favorite dressing 😋

2. Mango y Chile.

Experts in vegan food. You will find hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos and even vegan ice cream, they are undoubtedly the best restaurant with a vegan offer, do not forget to try them!

Instagram: @mangoychile

To dine with family, friends or alone 😊:

1. Bote de leche.

It is a cafe / bar / restaurant that has a varied menu. It offers delicious entrees, salads, meat cuts, seafood and vegetarian food. Our recommendation is the sealed tuna and the impartible vegetarian burger with goat cheese 🤭 It is perfect to go to eat and stay for drinks with friends, they usually have live music and a cozy, relaxed and fun atmosphere.


2. Barril Grill.

One of the oldest and most famous places in Bacalar. Renowned for its delicious burgers and craft beer made by their French owner. Don't hesitate to try the blue cheese burger and the craft vienna beer. Ultra delicious!

Instagram: @barril.grill

3. Patio de Aguacate.

Argentine cuisine that includes pizzas, pastas and even hamburgers. They have a great atmosphere, usually with live music and a very nice patio (with a large local avocado tree, hence the name😅). Our recommendation: the Neapolitan breast.

Instagram: @patiodeaguacate

4. Nixtamal.

A must on your visit to Bacalar, authentic barbecued cuisine. Our recommendation: Chocolate salmon and filet mignon.

Bacalar offers a wide variety of delicius and original restaurants. Also know the recommended places to eat like a real local.

Do not forget to consult the Goog Practice Guide of Bacalar in support of the conservation of this beautiful and important ecosistem.


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